10 Quick Curious Facts You Need To Know About Truffles

There are a few, curious facts that you must know about Truffles:

1) Truffles are mushrooms that grow among tree roots.

2) For centuries, humans have relied on the keen smelling sense of pigs and dogs to locate truffles.

However, dogs, who are known to be more obedient than pigs and have less of an affinity towards the taste of truffles, have overtaken the role.

3) Truffles rely on animals digging them up to eat to spread their spores.

4) Truffles cannot be “farmed” in a traditional sense.

5) For truffles to grow conditions must be perfect: meaning moisture and temperature must be exactly right.

6) Urbani Family continues to work directly with local truffle hunters, who are deeply connected to the land.

Here are some curious history facts:

7) The first testimony reveals that the truffle was much appreciated at the table by the ancient Romans, who copied its culinary use from ancient Etruscans.

8) Truffles were considered highly aphrodisiac. In ancient Greek the legend goes that truffles originated from a thunderbolt hurled to Earth by the father of the gods, Jupiter, known for his prodigious sexual activity.

9) The ‘Middle Ages’ saw a lull in the truffle popularity, notably banned on Saints’ Days and Feasts by the Catholic Church who feared the truffle’s sensual pungent muskiness and purported aphrodisiac qualities were a manifestation of lust & evil.

10) Their heady rise in popularity began in earnest in the 17th century at the court of Francis I.

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