5 ingredient meal - June 2023

Believe it or not, having savory gourmet food doesn’t need to involve all-day prep.

With 5 ingredients:

  • - Your choice of meat
  • - 2 of your favorite veggies
  • - Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • - Truffle Salt

Then it’s as simple as:

  • 1) Firing up the grill
  • 2) Lightly brushing the extra virgin truffle oil on the gill prevents sticking
  • 3) And truffle oil & salt to your meat and cut veggies of choice - misting the meat with your truffle oil while it’s cooking creates a flavorful glaze

    Pro Tip: add just a little bit more truffle oil after your food after it’s cooked then sit back and enjoy the flavor fireworks exploding with every bite.
    All in a few minutes with no prep and less than 5 ingredients.