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Dried Porcini Mushrooms 1lb

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Urbani's porcini mushrooms are still dried in the old traditional italian way. Packed in an elegant bag you can first appreciate the size and quality of these mushrooms and later appreciate their unique flavor in cooking.

The mushrooms should be rinsed and cleaned of any dirt before use. To bring out the aroma of the porcini mushrooms, you need only to soak them in a mixture of milk and warm water.

Excellent for risotto or pan-fried, they are great combined with prestigious white Alba truffle.

Ingredients: Dried Porcini mushrooms (Boletus edulis).

Customer Reviews

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Country of Origin?

My only issue is I’d like to know where these mushrooms are from? What country were they harvested in?

Very good quality

The bag was abundant with mushroom fragrance. Lots of large pieces of sliced sections. Good for stocks and sauces. Lots of concentrated mushroom flavor. But as far as texture may not be great to use alone once re-hydrated. The package does say "Boletus edulis and it's group"; not sure if that extends to all types of bolete in general or edulis-like species, or does it even matter. So perhaps not getting 100% B. edulis.

luis duluc
Love ‘em

They are great!

Daphne Lynch
Dried porcini

Jus open big up the bag, I could tell they were super fresh. I would most definitely highly recommend urbanization. Also, orders their fresh frozen porcini, amazing as well.

Steven Van Wagoner
As advertised and pictured

These porcini mushrooms were a great deal. Nowhere but Italy could you get a lb of dried porcini mushrooms for this price. In the store they would be far more expensive and of lesser quality. There were plenty of large pieces (as opposed to crumbs), and the quality was excellent. I tried Urbani once before (a smaller package to experiment), and so when for the larger quantity with confidence.