Stainless Truffle Slicer

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  • MADE IN ITALY WITH STAINLESS STEEL, laser-cut blade of the most resistant steel to deliver a consistent cut throughout your meal

  • PROFESSIONAL SHAVE, SLICE, & GLIDE YOUR TRUFFLES TO PERFECTION - Comes with thick, razor sharp blade to mightily cut to perfection every truffle

  • ADJUST YOUR WAY TO PRECISION - Our slicers all come with easily adjustable blades, so feather-lite or thick juicy shavings, are yours to choose from with just the twist of a screw

  • ALSO SHAVES CHOCOLATE, SLICES CHEESE, TRIMS GARLIC, MUSHROOMS & VEGGIES! Our slicer is multi-functional with a comfortable handle

  • DISHWASHER SAFE makes it very easy to clean
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Sam Emerson
    Works To Perfection

    Had seen the truffles slicer used in restaurants both here and in Europe, so decided I should have one with my order of truffles. It works to perfection. Well-made and easily adjustable. Easy to clean.

    Possibly not sharp enough?

    We used this product to slice fresh black and white truffles we bought in the same order - we tried different settings and, while we WERE able to get different thicknesses (including wafer-thin thickness), we just kept getting so much "break off" truffling on the top of the slicer. It was sad to see so much truffle go to waste. (Although, I did put the little truffle bits in some rice and I'm pretty excited to see how that turns out in another day or two.) It was a "good" slicer, but I wouldn't buy it again - not that I would know where to buy any better slicers. It worked and it was easy to use and it was easy to clean, hence the 4 stars. Here's to being able to try it out again one day!

    Hannah Hunt
    Very Nice

    This slicer did quite a nice job, but I felt the blade could have been just a bit sharper. It worked perfectly fine, but there was some resistance when slicing the truffles.

    Lindsay Walker
    Eat your truffle right away!

    I've had white truffles many times and at different levels of freshness. I tired to make my recent purchase of a truffle last more than 3 days by storing it in rice to later be enjoyed with a dinner guest. Unfortunately 4 days was too long to wait and enjoy it as it lost it's strength at around day 4. That's on me. Definitely should have shaved it over some ice cream with honey right away. The shipping was fast and communication from Urbani was fantastic.

    Great product

    Awesome gift and works perfect with my truffles