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Truffle Salt (Black+White) Set 2 x 3.5oz

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Set contain:

1 pcs- White Truffle Salt 3.5oz
1 pcs - Black Truffle Salt 3.5oz

From the best sea salt (Gray Guerande salt, Atlantic) and the tasty black or white truffles, a simple but precious ingredients for your special dishes.

The Guerande Gray sea salt is of a light gray color because of the fine clay from the salt flats. Some say that is the best sea salt on the planet.
The truffles with their rich aroma and taste comes from the heart of Italy.

Try this salt on scrambled eggs or omelettes, on creamy risottos, on bruschettas, on baked potatoes... This aromatic and superbly flavored truffle salt is adored by chefs and connoisseurs all over the world.

Ingredients Black Truffle Salt: Gray Guerande salt (Atlantic) 98%, black truffles (Tuber aestivum vitt) 2%, aromas.

Ingredients White Truffle Salt: Gray Guerande salt (Atlantic) 98%, white truffles (Tuber magnatum pico) 2%, aromas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Aaron Fratto
Excellent for anyone!!!

Great company with a great selection of foods and great deals too. This truffle salt should be your pathway into exploring truffles and Urbani is who you should order from. Easy process and fast shipping!!

Ileen Jacobs
Loving the salt from a salt lover

The salt definitely imparts a nice truffle flavor without being too overpowering.

The real deal!

I got the white truffle salt as a gift last year. Ran out and was craving it so I bought the two pack. Such good truffle flavor and aroma with big chunks of truffles. This is the real deal!

So glad we bought! Keep the truffle going.

This is the real deal truffle salt, packed and exploding with umami and flavor. The grey salt is really special. I’ve been putting this on everything from eggs to prime rib to fresh focaccia. It also brought out some of the fresh truffle flavor we used. Sent one to a friend, too.

Lisa Clark
Best salt in the world!

By far my favorite spice in the kitchen it makes everything taste better eggs, pizza,bagel&cream cheese you name it, it makes it yummy!