How to preserve Fresh Truffles

Let's go over a few important details

to make sure it stays in top shape until you are ready to indulge.

In this video, you'll master the art of storing rare, fresh truffles, ensuring their exquisite flavors take center stage in your culinary creations. We'll guide you through the essential steps and share insider tips to preserve the delicate aroma and taste of these culinary treasures.

Our expert advice will help you keep your truffles at their absolute best. Let's unlock the secrets to truffle storage and elevate your dishes to gourmet heights!

Step 1

Remove it from the original paper towel.

Use a clean and dry paper towel to wrap the truffle, change it daily.

Step 2

Once the fresh truffle is wrapped in an absorbent paper towel, place in a dry, sealed container like Tupperware or a glass jar.

Step 3

Truffle should be stored in the sealed glass jar in a low-moisture area of your refrigerator.

If stored properly you can expect white truffles to last 3-4 days. Black truffles will last for 5-6 days.

Truffles may develop a little mold, it's completely natural and you need just to brush it off with a soft brush. Do not wash your truffle.

Step 4

Black truffles work wonderfully heated or served as a garnish, or finely grated using a microplane.

White truffles are best used fresh, thinly sliced and garnished on a dish.

Regulate the slicer in order to slice 
the truffles as thin as possible, if too thick, truffles may crumble.