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Our Truffle Burger is made from Famous Pat Lafrieda  short rib, brisket, chuck, and blended with 100% Italian Urbani Black Summer Truffles. 

They have a delightfully nutty aroma and a subtle earthy flavor. They are a perfect addition to delicious burgers.

Our burgers are made fresh daily from whole cuts of meat, not trimmings: you will taste the difference in every juicy and delicious bite.

Our delicious Truffle Nuts are made in partenership with Terrafina.

Hand crafted in New York, our oven baked black truffle nuts are toasted in olive oil and sprinkled with black truffle infused salt – a unique ingredient produced only by Urbani which is what makes our black truffle nuts one of a kind. 

Don’t be fooled by any imitators as these nuts are simply the real deal.

How to make a tasty Truffle Hamburger

Our Truffle Burger is made from Famous Pat Lafrieda

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