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3oz Australian Black Truffle


28gr Kaluga Caviar


1 x Truffle Stainless Steel Slicer


1 x Ebook "Cookbook Recipes"

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Everything was ready for a special night at home, all I was missing was truffles! The product came so fresh I could smell the truffle even before unboxing. What a great night! Will have to repeat soon.

Lauren Konoski

We just had an Australian black truffle dinner at a local restaurant and ordered some from Urbani to recreate at home. The quality of truffles was better than what we had in the restaurant and also affordable. We will be ordering again and again!

Kazuyo Souza

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Impress your favorite person with a night of truffles and caviar!

  • 3oz Australian Black Truffle

  • $309.00

  • 28gr Kaluga Caviar

  • $65.00

  • 1 x Truffle Stainless Steel Slicer

  • $31.99

  • 1 x Ebook "Cookbook Recipes"

  • $19.99

Total Value: $425.98

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34% OFF

Only $269.99

  • 3oz Australian Black Truffle

    ($309.00 Value)

  • 28gr Kaluga Caviar

    ($65.00 Value)

  • 1 x Truffle Stainless Steel Slicer

    ($31.99 Value)

  • 1 x Ebook "Cookbook Recipes"

    ($19.99 Value)

Total Value: $424.99

buy now and get it at

34% OFF

Only $269.99


How are the products shipped?

All our fresh products are shipped in a special insulated box with ice packs to guarantee their freshness. It's also shipped overnight with FedEx all over the USA.

Here is how it looks:

Why is the offer so good?

This limited special promo is for new customers that want to try truffles. 

We are so confident in our products and service that we are willing to lose some money on this first transaction because we know a lot of customers will come back for more.

That's our secret! Also, it's not just business, our mission is to export the Truffle Culture from Italy to the USA!

What if my package arrives late or damaged?

The insulated box with ice packs is engineered to withstand a longer period and still keep the product fresh. So if it arrived late it shouldn't be a problem. 

However, things happen. So, if you have any problems, you can reach out at and we'll make sure you'll stay a happy customer. 

How do I cook with Truffles and Caviar?

We have included our Ebook with 5 truffle recipes written by famous chefs to use our products.

Also, we have lots of recipes online on how to use Truffles for your special meals. If you have any questions don't be afraid to email us at 

Why is the shipping so expensive?

We ship overnight all over the USA. 

Unfortunately delivering an excellent service is not free even though we try to advantage the customer as much as we can. For example the shipping and packaging cost we charge our customer is less than what it actually costs us.

If I order today when will I receive it?

If you place your order Mon-Thu by 3pm EST we'll ship the same day and you should expect your order to arrive the day after.

Orders placed after 3pm on Thursday will be shipped the next Monday unless you select "Saturday Overnight Delivery" at checkout (extra-cost, and available only until Friday 3pm EST).

Don't worry, as soon as we create the shipping label you'll receive and email and can track the status of your delivery.

Where are you shipping truffles from?

All our fresh products are shipped from our warehouse in Manhattan, NYC.

Why should I trust Urbani when it comes to Truffles?

We have been in the truffle world since 1852 and we are celebrating 170 years in business this year (2022). We are also the largest fresh truffles distributor in the world.

Only in the USA, we have more than 20.000 happy customers that have been coming back for more than 10 years.

You can also read our customers' verified reviews below.

When it comes to truffle there is no better option than Urbani.