Black Truffle Selection

Black Truffle Selection

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Introduce yourself to Black Truffles!

Get this selection and save!

Here what's inside:

  • "Unico" Black Truffle Extra-Virgin Olive Oil 100ml
  • Black Truffle Salt 3.5oz
  • Black Truffle Bonbons 2⅔oz
  • Black Truffle Almond
  • Black Truffle Cashew
  • Black Truffle And Mushroom Thrills
  • Black Truffle Oil
  • Cream And Black Truffle Thrills

Customer Reviews

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Black truffle gift basket: beautiful products, oil a bit strong

These are gorgeous products in a lovely gift set--definitely high end gourmet. I tried the oil, the chocolate, the nuts and the salt. It is a testament to Urbani's quality that these are not just named truffle flavored, they are intensely flavorful. I found it a bit much for me, though.

I love black/summer/white truffles, especially in sauces and oils. But I guess I don't have a really experienced palate, because I found the nuts and oils in this basket overwhelmingly flavored, with almost a bitter aftertaste. I will keep trying these, though, especially the 2 sauces. Not for the faint of heart! Maybe this level of truffle flavor is acquired?

Anyway, 5 stars for delivering top quality items as described, in beautiful packaging and with fast shipping for a very reasonable price, considering the generous quantity and high quality. (It's not the company's fault I like milder truffle flavors.)