White sturgeon-8.75oz / 250 gr.

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White sturgeon-8.75oz / 250 gr.

(Acipenser Transmontanus), a species from the Pacific coasts of North America between Alaska and Baja California. Eggs are large, bigger than 3 millimeters, with coloring varying from dark grey to black. The taste is particularly delicate and elegant. It requires about 11 years of the sturgeon life cycle.
Tasting notes: White sturgeon caviar is smooth and slightly nutty, with a medium firm texture. With an elegant aroma and an unmistakable flavor, this exquisite caviar features forward flavors of cream and butter with hints of sea. Elegant with a long, clean aftertaste.




Urbani Truffles Caviar is superior tasting caviar, raised in Italy with the most sustainable standards in the world. Our technology and green standards are industry-leading; we account for 20% of global caviar production. Our caviar offering features Osetra, Siberian, and White Sturgeon caviars that excite every gourmet and every guest with the delightful flavor profile from our Russian Malossol low-salt method, that helps to bring flavor notes such as nutty, poppy, or creamy to the forefront, while salt takes a back seat.



  • Natural and organic: no hormones, no antibiotics
  • All Natural Food: sturgeons are fed all natural foods
  • Fully traceable: each fish has its own microchip implanted at an early age for complete traceability; microchip # on every tin
  • Caviar is extracted in “operating rooms” with a vacuum air filtration system, in a completely sterile temperature-controlled environment
  • Certified Friends of the sea



A precious and delicate premium product, our caviar is fresh, not pasteurized, thus asks to be treated with care because of its nature. Store between 28F to 38F (-2C to 4C) and never let it see a freezer. To keep caviar perfectly fresh throughout serving, present the tin nestled in a bed of crushed ice. Metal spoons may impart an off flavor, so use only mother-of-pearl, bone or plastic spoons to serve or taste. Carefully cover the entire surface of the remaining portion with plastic film to protect its lusciousness.

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Additional Information

Size8.75 oz / 250 gr.

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