Beginner Bundle

Embark on Your Truffle Journey with Our Exquisite Beginner Bundle

Introducing our captivating Beginner Bundle designed for those eager to dive into the world of truffles. This specially curated collection features an array of truffle delights, each crafted to elevate your culinary adventure.

The Beginner Bundle is a must-have for foodies. This collection includes three gourmet items that are sure to elevate any dish. Also included is our Truffle 101 book which makes the perfect conversation starter for your coffee table. 

What's included:

White Truffle Oil: Drizzle the aromatic essence of white truffles on your favorite dishes, from pasta to risotto, transforming them into gourmet masterpieces.

White Truffle Salt: Enhance your cooking with this exquisite salt, creating a flavorful crust on meats, vegetables, and even popcorn.

White Truffles and Porcini Mushroom Sauce: Immerse yourself in the rich flavors of fresh truffles and the earthy depth of porcini mushrooms, perfect for pasta, steaks, and more.

Truffle 101 Book: Delve into the fascinating world of truffles, exploring their history, cultivation, and culinary uses. Your guide to becoming a truffle connoisseur.


White Truffle Oil 1.8U.S.Fl.oz (55ml)


White Truffle Salt 3.5oz


White Truffles and Porcini 6.1oz (180g)


TRUFFLE 101 - All about truffles

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What if my package arrives late or damaged?

The insulated box with ice packs is engineered to withstand a longer period and still keep the product fresh. So if it arrived late it shouldn't be a problem. 

However, things happen. So, if you have any problems, you can reach out at and we'll make sure you'll stay a happy customer. 

Why should I trust Urbani when it comes to Truffles?

We have been in the truffle world since 1852 and we are celebrating 170 years in business this year (2022). We are also the largest fresh truffles distributor in the world.

Only in the USA, we have more than 20.000 happy customers that have been coming back for more than 10 years.

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When it comes to truffle there is no better option than Urbani.

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