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Perfect truffles. Pure gold!

I was able to craft a couple of amazing pastas incorporating these nuggets of joy. And Urbani delivered, exceeding my expectations. Thanks for the great responsiveness and even better promotion!


We’ve ordered from Urbani previously and had no issues. White truffles were as expected, good. This year we purchased during the overstock sale. Big mistake, by the time we received the truffles, there were visible rot on it. It had no smell. Very disappointed. I get it’s a perishable product but this was so far past its prime.

Wonderful customer service! I am looking forward to trying them

Small But Mighty!

Excellent service. Impeccable shipment/delivery. Aroma? Beyond measure! Stored overnight with eggs in a sealed container and we got to enjoy the rich, fragrant flavor all over again! Really Delicious.

White Truffles

I ordered my white truffles on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday. I made Angel hair pasta with shaved white truffles on top and family finished it all. Delicious!

Satisfied customer

Great service and the freshness c as it he beat

spongy and with no aromatics

my truffles were clearly old and i was very dissatisfied with the order. i have ordered from you every year since your inception am not a first time buyer. these truffles should never have been sent out and i believe that you know that. i travel to the Langhe often and am here right now so i clearly know what's fresh and what's not. please refund my money. even my wife knew in a moment that the quality was inferior.

Ordering Trickery - BEWARE

Watch out if you are ordering on you phone. They website is designed to get you to make unwanted purchases. After my truffle order was placed, a screen came up that said "Confirm Order". I assumed it was to confirm my truffle order, but alas, it was a stupid add on for caviar. I immediately emailed support to cancel that part of the order, but, to no ones surprise, i did not get a response and received the unwanted caviar. It isn't outright stealing, but pretty close to it.

Excellent. All i hoped for.
Very pleased.

Winter Black & White Truffles

Both items arrived extremely fresh, sized very nice, and aromatic!

So disappointed

I thought it was unfortunately not good very not good


Amazing. Homemade laminated saffron and chive tagliatelle pasta, with white truffle butter, parmesan sauce, shaved white truffles, and dungeness crab

Not good

I gave as a present to an Italian friend. She did not like it at all. The truffle taste was over powering. I tried it and agreed. I could not eat it at all. I own a Resort and my chefs thought it was the worst.


This butter with a little cream, salt, pepper, and some Parmesan over lovely wide egg noodles is extravagantly delicious! Truly, a treat and worth the investment to have on hand for a special dinner easily made.

White Truffle Butter

I've used this butter for a few years now and there is nothing quite as tasty on pasta, popcorn and even put a little in roasted mushroom soup. It's very versatile and a little goes a long way for flavor.


I did not receive the caviar.


Very good as always!


The truffle arrived with minimal potency. Pretty disappointed!!

The White Truffles have the very intense aromatic (beautiful) smell and it arrived beautifully packaged. Paired perfectly well with the risotto. One happy customer here

Excellent for anyone!!!

Great company with a great selection of foods and great deals too. This truffle salt should be your pathway into exploring truffles and Urbani is who you should order from. Easy process and fast shipping!!

The best Truffles

Urbani is the only place to buy Truffles. Their truffles are awesome and always fresh.

Wooden Truffle Slicer
Sally McQueen
A must!

Made slicing truffles perfectly a breeze!

Easy truffle pasta

I tried to recreate a pasta dish my husband loves from Spago. The truffles were amazing & I came pretty close to the real deal.

works perfect

high quality easy to use made perfect slices

Not good.

Very disappointed and not satisfied for this batch of caviar