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The jar lasted about an hour in our home. Salads, eggs, and even mashed potatoes used them. We have to buy more!!

Black Australian Truffles
Michael E Trakas
Raviolo al Uovo with Black Australian Truffle

Raviolo al Uovo with Black Australian Truffle a true delight. The pasta stuffed with lemon ricotta, organic egg yolk, and the black truffle. Served with fresh yellow tomato sauce and dressed with a few 2 tone Strichetti. Delicious!

Black Summer Truffles
daniel johansen
Chat bot no response. Moldy truffles

I asked a question to the chat bot regarding delivery speed last Tuesday . I still have not heard back. My question was when should I order them if I needed them by absolutely no later than Tuesday evening . I live in the central Rockies even next day Amazon takes 3 days up here. I never heard back from Urbani. and these were vital to a menu that I had to have them. I was also worried about the 4th of July week. I panicked ordered them. Now I have 2 moldy soft unsliceable truffles. Now it’s too late. Very dissatisfied. Will use D’Artagnan next time.

Black Australian Truffles
MIchael Criswell
These Aussie Summer Truffles can’t be beat

Day 2 and the flavor is still intense.


What a great way to enjoy Truffles at a reasonable price. They were yummy


Urabani is the only Truffle salt I will buy - so worth it ! On potatoes, nuts, pasta, sandwiches - delicious !!!!

Kaluga Hybrid Caviar
Kim Pitchford
How do I love thee …

This caviar makes me swoon. Well, that’s overstating it a hair, but it makes me very happy! So buttery and rich and gentle … It’s only my banker standing between me and a daily indulgence.

Order never came

Twice I was told order was delivered, but has not arrived. Was sent picture of a porch that was not mine.

No taste at all

Black Summer Truffles
Joseph Polizzi
Summer Truffle

Always a great product!


Don’t fool yourself into thinking this is cheese slicer sharp. It’s straight razor sharp. First time use should be taken seriously. Once you get the hang of it though, it’s perfect.

Flavorless, No Aroma

Black Summer Truffles we received were apparently past their prime. Provided a purely visual addition to meal.

White Truffle Butter
Carolyn Kavetsky
Truffle butter

Fantastic flavor ! Will definitely order again !! I added it to mash potatoes! A MUST try!! Shipped and received as stated !

From the moment I opened the jar, I knew this would be great truffle salt, and I was right! Excellent product with plentiful truffle flavor infused throughout.

Black Summer Truffles
Paul Romanello
Black Summer Truffles

Looked good and were firm. Color on the inside was excellent.
Main criticism was they were not very aromatic and had limited flavor.

Siberian Sturgeon Caviar

Noticeable Quality and Delicious Taste

Brought a bag of Black Truffle Mixed Nuts home from NYC as a gift along with the Truffle Trio, and was later asked where I purchased them because they “are the best tasting ever.” Sent a gift of more already and received the same response. These are wonderful.

They are great for sauce and crushed for carpaccio!! And the juice is delicious!!

Black Summer Truffles
Michael Epstein

Ordered summer black truffles to make homemade truffle pasta and WOW they came out AMAZING! Thank you 😊 shipping was fast and everything arrived perfectly!

Osetra Royal Caviar
Sherry Daehn
Delicious Caviar

This is amazing caviar and each bite bursts with flavor.

First time purchased

What a pleasant surprise to find potato chips with excellent flavor and not overly salted.

Black Summer Truffles
Michael E Trakas
So very good!!

Urbani Truffles never disappoints. Quick delivery of fresh product. Not my first order and certainly not my last. The photo below is Pappa al Pomodoro aka Tuscan tomato bread soup, with a few agnolotti and doppio ravioli. Garnished with Parmigiana Reggiano, fresh basil and shaved black truffle.


I prefer my truffle, after eating this sauce it smells and taste great it was so easy to heat up and serve.

Excellent Oil

This makes for a wonderful topping for pastas and other foods

Black Summer Truffles
Matthew Green
Happy customer

I ordered the 2oz batch of fresh summer truffles. They arrived the next day nicely packaged. The batch gave me two small but nicely sized truffles. Plenty for a nice dinner party with friends.