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Excellent product and service!!

Not the first I’ve purchased truffles and certainly not last time!

Awesome product perfect portions

Urbani sauces are delicious and come in convenient 1-person servings

A costly mistake...

Unfortunately, even though the truffle was very aromatic, it turned out to be tasteless (and, it was used on the same day it arrived). There was no truffle flavor imparted to the risotto upon which it was shaved. And, to add further disappointment to the meal, the black one ordered was also tasteless; hence, it is hard to pass this off as one bad truffle.

Very good, but not great.

The White Alba truffles this season don’t seem as pungent as previous ones. The flavor is decent enough, but the aroma I think is not as strong. But since flavor is more important, in all I’d say they are very good.


I couldn’t wait for my shipment! It was everything I hoped for and better! 💕💕💕

Love Truffles

Got a 0.5oz white truffle fresh and fast, and used for two dinners. Delicious and satisfied my craving for the season!

White Truffle Butter 3oz
victor terranova
Perfect Butter

Spectacular truffle nose and taste. Straight away placed on a grilled porterhouse steak. Simply amazing. Better than any compound butter. You just have to love it.

Pre-order White Alba truffles

Enjoy them the day they came in, had them over, scrambled eggs and over linguine using the truffle butter it was phenomenal!


I couldn’t wait to try these, and I have to say believe the hype! As soon as these were delivered I cooked my pasta and shaved my truffle. OMG! They are delicious! I was so excited! Me and my family devoured everything! Love them!

Wowza - FRESH!!!

Great product - good price (especially with fall sale/discount) and arrived fast, fresh and DELISCIOUS. Could not be more impressed. Second time ordering - first time white truffles, this time black burgundy truffles and wowza! Just delicious..only one of the 4 left (sitting in some risotto in the fridge!). Made pizza, eggs, risotta and pasta... Truffle week at our house! Can't wait to do with winter truffles next!

Fine Flavor and Texture

This is our second order of truffles from Urbani. These were also excellent. We had them with scrambled eggs and with pasta. Wonderful flavor and texture.

Day 1 of White Truffle Week

Love the product, immediately took out eggs and made truffle sandwich on grilled rye w evoo drizzle. Was gone inside 5 min. Next up ravioli w sage truffle sauce.


First-time user. Everything was great, and our meal was delicious.

Great slicer

Well-made, ergonomic, easy to use.

It's true what Ina says.......

The most luxurious truffle butter delivered beautifully with the perfect amount of truffle. Brilliant for cooking.


Most recent order was disappointing. Truffles were old, stale even and lacked any pungency. Disappointing.

Delightful Black Burgundy Truffle

This was my first foray into the world of truffles, and I am not disappointed!

The aroma that greeted me upon opening the amazingly well-packed shipment was almost hypnotic...umami, earthy, savory and intriguing are all words that came into my mind as I inhaled the unique scent of the truffle.

The taste and texture of the truffle is like nothing else I've ever experienced with a firm but tender texture and a very subtle flavor full of umami and earth. It leaves no doubt in my mind as to why these fungi are so treasured and sought after.

Urbani Truffles showed themselves to be the consummate professionals as they communicated with me every step of the way and, quite literally, delivered my truffle treasure from Italy within 24 hours of placing the order.

I will definitely be back!

Highly Recommend

Everything from the customer service to the shipping was absolutely incredible! The burgundy truffles were as fresh as could be and I enjoyed them very much! Thank you Urbani family.

Excellent Texture and Taste

This was our first time ordering caviar from Urbani. We found that these have excellent texture and taste. We were very impressed! I am sure we will order these again in the future.

Top Notch ..!

I have been a customer for awhile, mainly for white truffles . I order some black summer truffles and liked them so much I ordered some more.
Unfortunately, FedX , delayed delivery ( it is generally overnight in the US )
Urbani sent me another order gratis ..
Thank you …

Black Summer Truffles
victor terranova
As great as being in Tuscany

Just say WOW!
Perfect size. Perfect flavor. Perfect consistency. Great nuttiness Great earthiness. Just fabulous!! Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Will continue to purchase. Probably the best in the US.
Well done!!!!

First purchase

Quite disappointed in the truffles. Apparently there were older ones because they had no truffle taste. Tried to made some truffle butter because there're supposed to be fat soluble and absolutely no aroma.

Quick,Easy and Great

Really easy to order and the Truffles are delicious.
I'll be ordering more and more from Urbani

Hooked on truffles

As always, no disappointment. Excellent service backed up by a phenomenal product! Well done.

Black Summer Truffles
Punyadech Photangtham
Ultimate black truffle pizza

Made thin crust black truffle pizza using Urbani black truffle cream and summer black truffles for ultimate extravagant treat!