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So yummy!

We sent one home with my brother's boyfriend (there were 3 in our 2oz order). I had some on a lobster roll (mixed in with the warm butter). Next up: cacio e pepe with truffle, because it's so yummy!

Best Plant-Based Spicy Mushroom Truffle Risotto

I ordered these Black truffles for the first time in their original form where the aroma and taste are more subtle than the extracts found in oil but the flavor after a little bit of steaming with the risotto and a touch of broth made the dish blend together in harmony. I will definitely buy some more truffles from Urbani!!! Hopefully the white truffles come soon 🤞🏾.

Recent Order

Just received my order of two cans of the mushroom truffle sauce. One came badly bent, the other was fine. Great product but I hoped for more care in the packaging process.

Wow wow wow

I'm going to admit, I was super skeptical about this "Truffle Butter" as I have not had the best experiences with some in the past and was on the fence with trying this. GET IT!-Just do it. Go reasonably conservative with the quantity you put in food, go reasonably generous with a dollop on a steak or a burger to finish it. Just get it and go with it. The truffle flavor is pretty intense if you add to much but who knows, maybe it is your thing.

Also, I cant say enough about the customer service I had with this company. There was an error in a tracking number and they went over and above to track the order and ensure the delivery date was going to be on time. When dealing with perishable products (I had also ordered fresh truffles and frozen truffle burgers) this type of care is critical to ensure no spoilage. I really appreciate the time and care that my order was given.

Kaluga Hybrid Caviar
was a gift to my half sister

have no idea if she has tried it yet

she was thrilled to receive it

Totally satisfied

The Truffle butter was flavor packed and an excellent addition to the Black Truffle mushrooms.

Truffle Butter Grits

We received our order of White Truffle Butter a few days ago. I used half of one 3oz tub in the grits that I made to go with some Old Bay seasoned and sautéed shrimp. The grits were fantastic with the addition of the truffle butter! I’m going to be using it next in some mushroom Mac and cheese and then on a mid-rare steak. So glad we found this product, it adds such a special flavor to anything you add it to!

Best salt ever!

This salt has the most amazing truffle taste and aroma I have ever known! I will definitely order this again!

fast shipping and delicious

This is my first order. Very impressed with this company and product. delicious.

Great Quality - Bad Timing

Very happy with the quality and speed of shipping, but of course 2 days after they were suddenly 50% off... boo.

Best Burgers, Maybe Even Ever!

I'll paint a brief picture. Beautiful though hot summer day. People had played golf, tennis, worked in their yards. I built a really nice house with a 250 square foot covered pergola with fans and lights and a fountain, but at 5:45 pm no one wanted to be outside, so we dined in. They had never had Urbani Truffle Burgers before. I grilled them on a reasonable hot, charcoal weber. Served with the usual dressings, grilled onions, pickles and lettuce, the sandwiches were a big hit. But wait, one of the sides really gave the burgers even more bling. I cut cherry tomatoes in half then tossed them with good olive and the truffle salt I got in the recent shipment from Urbani. Truffle meets truffle! Truffle squared! I roasted broccoli with garlic and red pepper flakes to round out the meal and we enjoyed a few bottles of fantastic wine from Sonoma County California!

White truffle and mushroom

A reorder. Finding news ways to use this delicious product. Last time we topped scrabbled eggs.


I prepared a pasta dish with crab and the white truffles with mushrooms. It was out of this world!

Great stuff

The truffles arrived as per usual arrived in great condition. Lively leathery, deep aroma. I personally find the Australian truffles to have that more consistently than their European counterparts. I think they are right up there with the best black ones I’ve gotten from France & Spain. I live playing with summer produce and winter truffles it’s a real treat. Corn is one of my favorite pairings.

New customers

Just received and have tried the black truffle and mushrooms. Delicious. Looking forward to the others. Ordering was easy and delivery was prompt. We will be regular customers.

A True Buried Treasure

A true buried treasure from “ Down Under” . I used them sliced thin stuffed under the skin of duck breast .with a red wine and truffle sauce. It was a memorable dish worth all the preparation.


Omg this is “THE” best sauce I have ever bought!!It is sooo delicious!!And easy to use!!Want to buy more,as soon as available!!

shipment delay

Fed ex delivered the truffles 4 days after it was shipped. The weather was hot and the cooling packs were warm. 2 of the truffles had a white fungus growing on the truffles. Urbani replaced the truffles and they arrived 1 day overnight shipping and were perfect. very good customer service. I will not ship my future truffle shipments fo arrive on Thursday or Friday in case it gets delayed from overnight shipping and Fed ex is the carrier.

Osetra Royal Caviar
Brian Stewart

My first real experience with caviar. I would recommend many times over

Flavorful, But Needs A Little More

These are really good mixed nuts! To me, however, these could definitely benefit from a little more salt as well as a larger sized option.

Truffle Butter Linguine

Urbani’s perfect truffle butter, truffle oil, grated black summer truffle made for a delicious primo piatto!
Topped with shaved truffle and parmigiano! Mille grazie

Food of the Gods.

In a word? Incredible. The flavor this imparts to any dish takes the dish to the next level. Used just a bit into seafood stuffed portobello caps over pasta marinara fra diavolo. <3 (Did not have to wash the dishes, they we're already cleaned when they reached the sink.)

Quick shipping and amazing quality!

We just had an Australian black truffle dinner at a local restaurant and ordered some from Urbani to recreate at home.
The quality of truffles was better than what we had in the restaurant and also affordable. We will be ordering again and again!

Amazing aroma but late shipping

I loved my black winter Australian truffle but the shipping delay was a little annoying and that is why i gave it four out of five stars but, everything else is fine

Truffle butter white and black

Delicious ,want to order more butter in a bigger container.I put in some in a pasta dish and mashed potatoes and my husband and son didn’t know ,,but they said best pasta I have made and mashed potatoes were gone quickly.Its my new favorite ingredient.The flavor is incredible.