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Caviar Gift Box

Perfect for any occasion, this distinctive gift box redefines the art of gifting, offering a taste of opulence in every bite.

Our gift boxes are thoughtfully designed, including sophistication and elegance. The packaging reflects the exclusivity of the contents within, making it a visual delight.

What's included

  • Black box with magnetic closure
  • Mother-of-pearl spoon
  • Urbani branded tin opener
  • Urbani branded red ribbon
  • Space for one caviar tin, fits 28g to 125g
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Since 1852

In 1852, Constantine Urbani started exporting fresh truffles from Italy, laying the foundation for the renowned Urbani Truffles brand, which has continued to flourish ever since.

For over 170 years, Urbani Truffles has been committed to providing exceptional taste, aroma, and quality. Only the finest truffles from Italy's best regions are hand-selected and harvested, ensuring that only the best reach your plate.

Urbani Truffles' unwavering commitment to quality has earned them a reputation as the preferred truffle provider for Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants worldwide.

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