Organic Black Truffle Sauce 4.6 oz

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Champignons mushrooms*, water, extra virgin olive oil*, summer truffle breakings (Tuber aestivum Vitt.), salt, garlic*, natural truffle flavor*, thyme extract, pepper*.

* from organic agriculture.

Introducing our luxurious Organic Black Truffle Sauce – a culinary delight that will take your taste buds on a journey of indulgence.

Here's everything you need to know about this remarkable product:

How It's Crafted

Each ingredient is carefully chosen, starting with our premium black truffles. We skillfully extract their unique essence, which is then harmoniously combined with a blend of high-quality mushrooms, herbs, spices, and a savory base.

The result is a luxuriously rich and velvety sauce that flawlessly captures the essence of black truffles. Experience the epitome of culinary excellence as our sauce elevates your dishes to new heights, tantalizing your taste buds with its irresistible flavor profile.

How To Use

Experience simplicity and versatility with our Organic Black Truffle Sauce.

Enjoy the convenience of our sauce by gently heating it in a saucepan or microwave until warm, stirring occasionally. Once ready, unleash its potential by drizzling it over pasta, risotto, grilled meats, vegetables, or any dish deserving of a touch of luxury.

Allow the robust and aromatic flavors of black truffles to infuse your meals, elevating them to extraordinary levels. Delight in a culinary experience that is guaranteed to impress and leave a lasting impression.

What Sets It Apart

We handpick the finest black truffles, ensuring each jar is infused with their distinct essence. Through our meticulous recipe and extraction process, we have created a sauce that beautifully captures the earthy, complex, and luxurious flavors of black truffles.

Noteworthy Features

  • Gourmet Experience: Indulge in the decadence of black truffles and elevate your culinary creations to gourmet status.

  • Shelf Stability: Our Black Truffle Sauce is carefully packaged to maintain its freshness, allowing you to enjoy its exquisite flavors over time.

  • Culinary Versatility: The sauce pairs well with various dishes, allowing you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen and explore different flavor combinations.

Treat yourself and your guests to the extraordinary flavors of our Organic Black Truffle Sauce. Immerse yourself in the luxurious essence of black truffles and elevate your culinary endeavors to new heights. Experience the indulgence and sophistication that only black truffles can provide.


Product of Italy.

Customer Reviews

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Melissa Facchina

Great flavor

Dave R

Convenient and tasty, purchased before, disappears when used as a spread on bread!

Lynne Brewer

I love all o your products