"Great flavor. I add a few drops when I’m cooking and wow. Awesome!!"

Maria G - Black Truffle Oil Customer

Black Truffle Oil 1.8 fl oz

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  • 100% Natural

  • Strong Truffle Aroma

  • Infused with real Black Truffles

Enhance any dish

Through the natural use of the Winter Black Truffle (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt) olive oil gains an intense and unique fragrance.

The main characteristic which distinguishes Urbani infused oils from the others oils in the market, is that in time, the aroma will remain firm and equally intense without loosing its scent.

Best way to use it

For an unforgettable final touch add a few drops of Black Truffle oil to salad, pasta, eggs, rice, fish or meat dishes.
Also amazing seasoning for any type of pizza.

Recommended per portion: 1 teaspoon.

Ingredients: Olive oil, black truffles aroma (Tuber melanosporum vitt), black truffle.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
William Messenger
Excellent Oil

This makes for a wonderful topping for pastas and other foods



Mary McElroy-Smith
Expectations met with delight

I was so excited about my first order from Urbani -- and I was delighted about my experience. They communicated with me clearly and with great accuracy. My order arrived exactly exactly when, and in the manner it had been described to me. The truffle butters (white and black) are amazing and oils are exquisite as well. I had a great experience with this company and anticipate ordering from them on an ongoing basis. Thank you, Urbani!!

Terry Ann

Fantastic flavor!

t lee
This is the best!

I have tried too many truffle oils to admit. This one can not be beat. In the middle of a Thanksgiving nightmare- we repeatedly could not get it in our store (because EVERYONE loves it) we went straight to the Urbani website and quickly ordered without issue! I kid you not-I got a hand written THANK YOU CARD from the company. Incredibly classy and never seen in business today-I literally put the card in the cabinet next to my Urbani oils-reminds me of why I will buy directly with them forever and that there is still good people in this world too! TRULY-This oil could not be better.


Urbani Truffles is the largest distributor of fresh truffles in the World since 1852. In the USA we get daily shipments of fresh truffles from Italy. Our truffles sell so fast that we never carry old stock.

From underground in Italy to your table in less than 48 hours.

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